Why is there a need for yet another social media network? 

  •  SisTreat might have a similar layout to other social media networks but it's mission and purpose is completely different. SisTreat is a social media network created for women by women to remove the mental health stigma and create a healing space for girls and women experiencing mental health disparities. We are more than another social media network! We are a social media safe haven for women going through their own mental storm.

 How will you create a secure space free from bullying and judgment? 

  •  We will rely heavily on our own rigorous monitoring as well as member reporting for any violations of our mission statement and anyone threatening the safe space our network embodies. 

How will my contribution be utilized? 

  •  Your contribution will be used to outsource the creation of the social media network in addition to obtaining vital equipment for the business and monthly startup expenses for software and other technology needed to launch the network. 

  Do you plan on collaborating with similar organizations and/or mental health advocates? 

  •  SisTreat does plan on collaborating with any and all organizations whose purpose and mission similarly aligns with our cause. In addition, we do plan on not only working with mental health advocates but also creating a diverse directory of mental health care providers directly connecting members in need with resources who are culturally competent.  

 What are the main obstacles that inhibit the fulfillment of your mission and how do you plan on overcoming them? 

  •  The main obstacles that inhibit the fulfillment of SisTreat's mission are fighting the stigmas surrounding mental health, obtaining appropriate resources that are culturally competent and obtaining money to help fund the education and support to combat the issues. We plan on overcoming these obstacles by education, thoroughly seeking out and documenting all culturally competent mental health resources so the information is readily available and receiving continued funds through advertising. 

 Do you have any competitors? If so, who are they and what sets you apart? 

  •  Technically, there are major competitors such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. and some might even say some apps and blogs such as SelfishBabes or TherapyForBlackGirls.com are all our competitors. However, we believe we are in our own lane since we have a niche target audience and/or a different purpose from other organizations. In addition, we plan to work with any entity that aligns with SisTreat's purpose so we don't see potential competitors but possible collaborators. 

Do you have your 501(c)(3) status?

  • While SisTreat does not yet have our official nonprofit status, it is our hope that we will be able to officially apply and receive our nonprofit status as soon as possible and your donations would help towards this goal.

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